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Acton Mosque School Registration

Expected format: DD-MON-RR


Our GDPR Commitment is as follows: • To keep you informed as to how your data is being used; • To keep your data secure and confidential; • Not to pass on your data to any third party without your consent; • Only to use your data for the intended and legitimate purpose. Consent is changing to be more explicit/transparent so at the point of data collection, the individual will need to be informed exactly how their data will be used and who it will be shared with. Due to the GDPR we need to obtain your consent to use the email address and mobile number that we have on record, so that we can continue to communicate with you using our text and email service. We will use these to contact you with information about, but not restricted to, school based activities. For example, to inform you about school closures or activities in the school community and other activities which may be of benefit to you or your child(ren). Email and Texting Service Consent This consent is for the full duration that your child(ren) attends Acton Mosque School but please remember, under the GDPR you can withdraw your consent at any time by writing to the school office.